Just Announced: Stunning New Kalamuna Branding and Website

Andrew Ward
| February 7, 2017
Kalatheme Retheme



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April 1, 2014

Kalamuna unveils bold, unparalleled new design

After years of internal re-branding exercises, Kalamuna has finally come to a consensus of how best to visually express itself to potential clients and employees.

“We wanted something really modern and sophisticated, yet wanted to shy away from the bland, stale presentation of everyone else out there. That’s why we went this direction,” said co-founder Mike Pirog.

The daunting project took hundreds of man hours of consultation to actualize.

“It’s all about content,” said content strategist Shannon O’Malley. “The quality of the words spoken on this site deserve a design of this high caliber.”

It was a team effort full of negotiation, heartache, and sacrifice.

“Consensus building is hard work,” said co-founder Andrew Mallis. “At first I didn’t want the stupid blue background, I thought green spoke to our sensibilities better, but you know what, this really works. At the end of the day, the various motifs are all accurately presented. I am pleased.”

Co-founder Alec Reynolds had this to say: “We meditated quite a bit on how best to present our service offerings. How do we stand out from the competition? How do we best demonstrate competency and excellence? After banging our heads against the wall, it all became quite clear: other webshops ‘can’t touch this’, so we went with a dancing M.C. Hammer.”

Designer Thiago de Mello Bueno spent months creating the dancing image of the esteemed local rap artist: “Like Mr. Hammer, we appreciate the Bay Area, and wanted to have a kind of small tribute to him. Like an ever-flowing monument to the power of Kalacare, but also a celebration of how Kalabox will empower developers. The layers of abstraction are intense and beautiful.”

But how to take such a radical design and make it a reality? Surely the endeavor would take too long. UX Engineer Steven Bassett was instrumental in the site’s launch.

“In order to make the designs work with the markup, we had to dig deep and take our theming chops to the next level,” he said. “It was a lot of late nights to make this thing responsive, but you know what? It was completely worth it. Still, I am really looking forward to getting home. Thank the stars for Kalatheme!”

Praise from Drupal experts is already pouring in. Jon Peck (aka FluxSauce) announced this on his Twitter page:

kalamuna new theme

It doesn't end there:


super responsive

love it

“I’ve been in this business a long time,” said veteran kalabot John Ouellet. “But I’ve never seen anything this so spectacular. I’m seriously impressed and proud of my colleagues.”

Unfortunately, a small number of envious Twitter trolls decided to belittle the significant accomplishment. Their posts are shared for the public record. Please shun these heathens at will:

too young to be so retro

why break my eyeballz

Co-founder Andrew Ward was unavailable for comment, having passed out on the group’s multi-colored hammock after performing hours of mock human sacrifices to ensure a successful launch.

Contact information:

Andrew Ward
[email protected]


IMPORTANT NOTE: No joke, it took about the same time to write this blog post as it did to retheme our site :) This is the power of Kalatheme. Check it out here: drupal.org/project/kalatheme 


Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward


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