The Kalamuna Team has Something Random to Share

The Kalamuna Team
| November 18, 2020
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Occasionally, you meet people in life that you just can’t wait to show off to your friends.  Not to brag (too much), but that’s our team.  Work relationships can feel like a random puzzle of personalities locking away chemistry and collective intelligence. But when you have quality people,  the randomness is a feature not a bug. We’re privileged to share our work lives with folks so varied and inviting. We’re bonded by an expertise and love for our craft and by a desire for that craft to be in service to others.

This year, we knew we’d miss seeing our BADCamp community in-person. Missing out meant losing opportunities to chance upon all the casual chit-chat that happens between schedules. Knowing this gave us the impetus to preempt our half of a conversation with things we might have talked about.

To do this, we asked our team to take a minute and share something from their corners of the world, from quick tips, to local tours, to untapped talents -- essentially, a prompt without parameters save time. What we got was as random and disparate as individuals can be.  We love how “random” our team is and humbly share the smile-inducing results of our randomness with you.

We look forward to seeing you in the future and catching up with your half of the dialogue. Until we meet again, say hello and drop us a line! Until we can meet again.

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The Kalamuna Team

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