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Digital Agency Services

Putting technology at the service of people

Everything we do expands your institution’s impact online. Our work centers on a singular focus—satisfying both your goals and your users’ needs. We care about the experience that you have working with us. And while we deliver meaningful results, our transparent and collaborative approach sets us apart.


Research and Strategy 

To design the right solution, we need to understand the problems you’re trying to solve.


Design & Content

Everything people see on your site needs to elevate your brand while staying both intuitive and accessible.


Web Development

Our technical solutions are expertly crafted using WordPress, Drupal, or no CMS at all. 



Your site needs to stay effective, secure, and scalable —whether we built it or not.

What can we help you achieve?

Like ingredients in a recipe, our services come together to produce delectable outcomes.

Accessible & User-Centered Experiences

Our deep commitment to inclusivity flows through our practice, ensuring everything we build serves users of all abilities.

“Kalamuna was the perfect partner for our website overhaul because they brought a user-driven approach and a very strong background in accessible web design”

Elizabeth Neal
Elizabeth Neal
Director of Communications, American Foundation for the Blind
Brand Storytelling

Hone your brand into compelling word- and imagery-driven narratives that build community and inspire action.

“Kalamuna helped us align our brand positioning and messaging to our strategic shift as an organization.”

Terra Chen
Terra Chen
Strategic Communications Lead, Building Changes
Innovative Technical Solutions

Work with a trustworthy, in-house team to architect and build thoughtful, sustainable, and expertly-crafted solutions.

“Since we started working with them in 2013, Kalamuna has consistently delivered technical solutions that demonstrate a deep understanding of our unique and complex business.”

Isa Anne Stamos
Isa Stamos
Senior Director of Systems & Technology, GreenBiz
Digital Transformation

Your website can work harder for your institution, taking care of tedious manual tasks automatically.

“Kalamuna created a website that improved our efficiency and automated several activities that our staff had been doing manually. Our Kalamuna site has improved the workflow for our staff members and streamlined usability for our end users allowing us to optimize our limited public health budget.”

Kelly Musoke
Kelly Musoke
Deputy Director, Curry International Tuberculous Center
Continuous Improvement

A site launch is just the beginning, and we can help your website grow and shift alongside your organization.

“After Kalamuna integrated our donation form into our website, our online gifts increased by 47%.”

Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith
Communications Manager, Gateway Public Schools

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