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Party with Us at NTC 2024 (Plus, Why We’re Abolishing the Sponsor Booth)

The Kalamuna Team
| February 26, 2024



We want you to wear Kalamuna t-shirts and pins. We’d love nothing more than for you to become a walking ad for our web design and development agency. But with the world so in need, instead of giving away conference swag, we’re turning our sponsor booth at the 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) into a turn-key nonprofit donation station, 100% funded by us—but directed by you, the attendees. Join us there, March 13-15 in Portland, OR, to help steer money into the hands of your favorite mission-driven orgs (and have a drink with us at our party!)


Working on causes is our jam. Before we were Kalamuna, we each worked on issues that meant something to us. We’ve worked with political campaigns and arts organizations and every other kind of endeavor that means something to the human soul. And at some point, we decided to apply our skills in technology, communications and design to these causes—to work on something bigger.

Today, whether we’re in the office or connecting remotely, we often talk about the news and what’s going on in our respective cities. At one point and in one way or another, each of us has acknowledged that current events on the international stage (continue to) invite us, as individuals and as a web design and development agency, to take a stand for what we believe in. We want to do something that will help us—and others—concretely and easily act on our values. After all, NTC is a gathering of people who want to make the world a better place, and Kalamuna helps organizations do that through web design and development.

We’ve done this before

Somehow, connecting with people over their most important causes, in various ways, hasn’t lost its shine. So, we keep doing it.

Mike, Rob, and Ken posing in front of the Kalamuna booth with their donation cards.

Previous years’ conference attendees show booth wall tiles bearing the names of donation beneficiaries: Black Lives Matter, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Girls Who Code.

We’re proud of the work we do, and we love it when people wear our T-shirts. But, even more, we want to get people excited about what we’re excited about—amplifying the messages of socially impactful organizations—and T-shirts alone don’t cut it. Will you join us?

We’ll be promoting your favorite nonprofits and sending them money only over the three days of the conference. Meet us there before the close of the event to initiate a donation to them.

Find us at Booth #721 in the arcade of the Oregon Convention Center.  

Join us at NTC Portland at our Party

We love to meet new faces and catch up with old pals. That’s why we’ll be holding court with partner agencies Big Sea and Plank at the cocktail bar, Voysey Portland. To join, register here.  

710 SE 6th Ave. Portland OR 97214

Wednesday, March 13th,  6pm - 8pm

Guests must register and wear an NTC badge.

Party with a Purpose event poster for NTC Happy Hour with logos from co-host by Big Sea, Kalamuna, and Plank
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The Kalamuna Team

Save the World

Kalamuna partners with socially impactful institutions, associations, agencies, and governments to help them solve today’s most pressing problems. We do this by empowering them with the research, strategy, design, and technology that will transform their organizations so they can better serve the needs of their audiences and communities.