Introducing Kalabox

by | June 16, 2013
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At Kalamuna, we believe that everyone should have easy access to the powerful technologies that deliver websites to audiences, so that professionals and hobbyists alike can participate in building the internet of tomorrow.

A Typical Conversation

HUMAN: I downloaded Drupal. How do I try this thing out…
DEVELOPER: Is your computer running a web server?
HUMAN: I don’t have a server, I have a laptop…
DEVELOPER: Sigh. Nevermind.

Humans and developers alike face similar challenges when it comes to turning their computer into a local web server. There are lots of moving parts and getting them up and running reliably can be tough.

Developers want a local development environment. Humans want a one-click installer that just works. Typically, installers are quirky and limited when it comes to deep, under-the-hood customizations.

Surely we can do better at having our servers serve us.

Introducing Kalabox

Kalabox is a desktop application control panel that runs on OS X, but designed to work cross-platform. Upon installation, it drops all the pieces in place to create a modern, development-ready server on your computer in minutes.

Kalabox comes installed with a working Drupal site, ready for humans to bend and twist to their will. To make Drupal even more pliable, Kalabox uses the Panopoly distribution.

In addition to easy-peasy Drupal, the Kalastack provides developer tools like phpMyAdmin, WebGrind, and Xdebug, accessible from the dashboard. If Kalabox doesn't have your favorite dev tools in the jukebox, look underneath the hood: as a Vagrant-powered virtual box, a few additions to a Puppet manifest will get the 'box humming your tune.

What's Next?

Kalamuna is dedicated to providing a free, user-oriented local development environment that encourages everyone to come back for another round of Drupal. Over the next several weeks, we'll be posting a number of articles detailing...

  • ...the landscape of existing development environments
  • Kalabox's unique architectures are structured
  • ...the possibilities for empowering the Drupal community

If reading about the box is giving you a powerful thirst, belly up to the bar and slake it by signing up for beta-testing releases.

Andrew Mallis headshot

Andrew Mallis

CEO and Co-Founder

If you’ve encountered Kalamuna, you’ve likely experienced genuine care and expert guidance that starts with our thoughtful CEO and cofounder, Andrew. Along with an infinite stockpile of dad jokes, he brings his background in visual arts and activism to his work – leading us to drive great missions further.