How to Move Beyond WCAG and Towards Authentic Digital Inclusion

by | November 17, 2020
Headshots of Andrew Mallis, Crispin Bailey and William Reuschel ahead of their talk at BADCamp



Do you feel distracted by a suite of automated tools, pages of report data, and feedback on work that was designed and developed weeks and weeks ago? If your antidote achieves #WCAG 2.1 AA conformance, you may be leaving more people behind than you think.

Accessibility and digital inclusion can be easier.

Authentic digital inclusion means ensuring that every end-user can actually use a digital asset as designed and intended. Let’s start there. 

In this presentation, representatives from the American Foundation for the Blind and Kalamuna will discuss how organizations can benefit from usability-centric development policies and processes. Strategic, agile approaches will demonstrate how digital accessibility is achieved.

Viewers will learn:

  •  Why usability is the most important component in an organization’s accessibility approach
  •  How to get started incorporating usability in the development and design process
  •  What are the most important workflows to focus on for usability
  •  Why policies and processes are so critical to ensuring digital inclusion
  •  How to create knowledge transfer in your development and design teams to create and sustain       authentic digital inclusion

Plus, a demonstration of usability testing in action!

This will be a lively and generous exchange between a national nonprofit’s consulting practice for the blind and an agency responsible for creating open-source government websites and ecosystems.

The material we present will make sense and create relief for those responsible for their institution’s platforms’ accessibility. 

Our demonstration of a usability test will drive home the importance of usability testing. More than anything else, it will help attendees conceptualize how they will advance their institution’s approach and effectiveness for actually becoming authentically digitally inclusive.

Check out our Case Study on refreshing AFB's website. Want to chat about accessibility issues?  Drop us a line.


Andrew Mallis headshot

Andrew Mallis

CEO and Co-Founder

If you’ve encountered Kalamuna, you’ve likely experienced genuine care and expert guidance that starts with our thoughtful CEO and cofounder, Andrew. Along with an infinite stockpile of dad jokes, he brings his background in visual arts and activism to his work – leading us to drive great missions further.