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How to Do More Than Tech at the 2023 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Tristan Donowho
| April 10, 2023



It’s no surprise that an event called the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) would bring together people who harness technology for social change, but what if those people were to make social change happen in an unexpected way at the conference? This question prompted us to think about how we could use our NTC booth to make a positive impact more immediately than a panel or keynote address might.

So while we’ll attend this April’s conference to share and learn all things tech—including participating in a panel about web accessibility—we’ll also invite attendees to our booth to co-create fun, personal art in support of a local Denver nonprofit that offers affordable housing, educational programs and support services to local individuals and families.

Make Your Mark at Our Booth

We’ve joined forces with Denver-based Hope Communities, an organization that helps people set forth on pathways to economic security and well-being. Aside from direct financial gifts, Hope Communities asks donors to contribute useful items such as children’s clothes and school supplies, with a special request for winter gloves. (The average low temperature in Denver is under 40 degrees seven months per year.)

We’re inviting conference-goers to literally lend a hand by tracing their own for display on our booth wall; for every hand traced, we’ll donate X winter gloves to Hope Communities. Our hope is that this imaginative and participatory approach will not only raise awareness about the work of a great local nonprofit, but also cultivate a sense of unity and support for those in need. Find us in the main hall at booth #618.

Speaking Session: Your Website's Accessibility Journey: What's the Next Step?

Kalamuna is also honored to contribute to a speaking session at NTC focusing on digital accessibility and inclusion. The session, "Your Website’s Accessibility Journey: Charting the Next Step", uses the website redesign as a case study to unpack valuable tools and tactics organizations of all sizes and budgets can use to enhance digital accessibility. The session will underscore the importance of accessibility audits and user testing programs, along with best practices for sustaining long-term accessibility. Moreover, we'll discuss approaches for advocating accessibility within your organization and cultivating a culture that values inclusion.

Panel: Thursday, 4/13/23, 10:45am

The event will feature Kalamuna’s Digital Accessibility Lead, Mike McCaffrey, and our CEO & Co-Founder, Andrew Mallis as the facilitator. They will be accompanied by members of the Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) internal website redesign team, Creative Director Michelle Samplin-Salgado; IT Director Karl Hedstrom; and Sr. Web Development Manager Dan Fellini.

As we await NTC, we invite you to visit Kalamuna's booth and attend the speaking session. Together, we can bridge technology and social change to create a lasting positive impact in our communities. See you there.

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Tristan Donowho

Former Marketing Coordinator

Tristan knows how to make things happen. Kalamuna’s Marketing Coordinator ensures that our blogs, newsletters, and advertising partnerships run like clockwork. He’s had experience in graphic design, copywriting, project management, and more. When Tristan isn’t keeping our marketing machine going, he’s performing at open mics and playing board games with his friends in the North Texas area.