Power to the People

Mike Pirog
| January 23, 2014
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As Drupal continues to become more complex and hyperspecialization produces significant gains in efficiency we need to ask ourselves: are we leaving people behind?

While it's true remarkable technologies like Vagrant, SASS/COMPASS, Drush, et al. have enabled professional services companies and experienced freelancers to provide higher quality goods at lower prices, it's equally true that in doing so we've erected even more daunting barriers to the newcomers and novices that are Drupal's current lifeblood and, ultimately, its future.

At Kalamuna we think this tradeoff is bull.

Our philosophy is that every improvement in technology be paired with an equally impressive consideration towards making that new technology accessible. We want fantastic new solutions to ATTRACT & EMPOWER people not DISSUADE & DISCOURAGE them. We aren't building things to impress our friends, we're building things so the cash strapped artist and pressed-into-service non-profit "Tech Persons" can help change the world.  

This is Drupal's true destiny. 

This is why we designed Kalatheme with a setup workflow that can jam with any custom Bootstrap 3 theme and why we put a sexy GUI called Kalabox on top of a powerful Vagrant driven stack. They are tools powerful enough for Kalamuna but also easy enough for your mom* to use.

First impressions are everything and it's no secret Drupal's intimidating learning curve and complexity oftens turns away more rookies than is commensurate with its promise. We need to encourage those quick lightbulb "I can do this" moments whenever new people interact with our ecosystem because these are the people who are eventually going to invent the Kalaboxes, Pantheons, Drushes, Vagrants and solutions of tomorrow.

*My mom did actually set up a website for my sister's birthday using our Kalatheme Quickstart Guide.

Mike Pirog

Mike Pirog


Kalamuna's former Chief Technology Officer was born from the hot liquid metal of mathematics, poured into the mold of scientific skepticism and finally forged with the hammer of a hard-nosed New England attitude. This trifecta of awesomeness helps keep Kalamuna producing both innovative and high-quality products. He can also do backflips.