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Kalamuna at DrupalCon 2022

Tristan Donowho
| April 21, 2022



After a three year hiatus, the Kalamuna team could not be more excited to attend DrupalCon 2022! We’re ecstatic to be in Portland for Drupal’s hallmark event and contribute through our speaking engagements, sponsorship, and booth activation in partnership with Portland nonprofit, New Avenues for Youth. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and contributing to the future of Drupal. 

Speaking Engagements

Large Scale Drupal Migration - Field Notes

Nonprofit Industry Summit Panel
Andrew Mallis, CEO & Co-Founder
Tuesday, April 25th | 2:55pm - 3:35pm

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Andrew Mallis, will be part of a panel of Drupal experts, including Lullabot, Phase2, and the Council on Foreign Relations discussing large-scale drupal migration planning, content governance, and how to best navigate this complex and often intimidating topic.

Drush, Your Rocket Fuel for Any Drupal Project

DrupalCon Virtual Library—Post Conference
Anna Mykhailova, Director of Technology

While it can be intimidating, Drush (DRUpal SHell) is a powerful and highly flexible tool. It helps you automate repetitive tasks, is a faithful companion for any CI, and can save any developer’s nerves and your server’s resources over time.

This advanced session begins with Drush fundamentals before launching into the universe of possibilities for automating your website operations. You’ll learn how to build custom Drush commands (understanding arguments, options, and parameters), speed up your development with generators, and write your own generator in mere minutes.

Originally scheduled as an in-person session, Anna was unable to attend, so she recorded her talk for your viewing enjoyment. After the conference, it will be made available in DrupalCon’s virtual library.

Our Booth in Partnership with New Avenues for Youth

Kalamuna prides itself on using our platform as an opportunity to contribute positively to the world in collaboration with our community. For years, we’ve partnered with mission-driven organizations whose core focus is to help people.
(People are at the heart of everything we do, after all.)

Conferences are a great place to learn new things. While this focus on the “how” is valuable, we’re fundamentally more interested in the “why.” Community is formed in part by focusing on what we have in common, what passions we share, and by common experience. We seek to create meaningful, transformative experiences and interactions founded in meaning and social impact at our booth.

In the past, we’ve partnered with organizations that have planted trees in areas affected by forest fires, provided legal defense to children, and helped mitigate food-insecurity for kids during the pandemic. This year, we’ve partnered with New Avenues for Youth, which focuses on aiding Portland’s homeless population between the ages of 9 to 24. In addition to providing a drop-in day service with meals, showers, and internet access, New Avenues offers LGBTQIA2s+ services, support for those caught in sex trafficking, in need of housing, and other critical services that save lives in the community.

In preparation for DrupalCon, New Avenues shared how meaningful music is to their youth when getting through tough times—and we saw an opportunity to contribute something more than money: joy and inspiration. Conference attendees are invited to engage in our booth by writing the name of a song that helped them through hard times on a heart-shaped sticker and affixing it to our booth. For every song shared, we’ll donate money. Further, we’ll have a a private audio booth where they can record a brief story of the power of their song on their personal journey to share with the homeless youth New Avenues serves. For every story shared, we’ll also donate an MP3 player on which these uplifting messages can be played at moments when they are needed the most.

If you are inspired by the work New Avenues is doing as we are, feel free to also visit their donation page

Keep on the lookout for an upcoming blog with more information on New Avenues,  an interview with two of their employees, and more details on our booth and how to interact with us!

Find us in the Expo Hall at booth #202!

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Tristan Donowho

Former Marketing Coordinator

Tristan knows how to make things happen. Kalamuna’s Marketing Coordinator ensures that our blogs, newsletters, and advertising partnerships run like clockwork. He’s had experience in graphic design, copywriting, project management, and more. When Tristan isn’t keeping our marketing machine going, he’s performing at open mics and playing board games with his friends in the North Texas area.