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DrupalCon Portland: Donate Our Money and Master Complex Workflows—All at One Event

The Kalamuna Team
| April 30, 2024



We secretly love it when people promote us. But with the world so in need, instead of giving away conference swag, we’re turning our sponsor booth at DrupalCon Portland into a turn-key charitable donation station, 100% funded by us—but directed by you, the attendees. Join us there, May 6-9 in Portland to help steer money into the hands of your favorite mission-driven orgs. And while you’re in Portland, you might as well learn how to level up your Drupal Workflows with speaker and Senior Drupal Architect Bob McDonald.


For years, we’ve been using our sponsorship spaces at various events to help charities working on the world’s most important issues. After all, mission-driven organizations are our jam. That’s why, at our DrupalCon Portland exhibition booth, we invite you to write the name of your favorite charity on a square of our booth wall, which will secure a donation from us to that organization. (It’s also a great selfie opportunity.) We’ll be promoting your favorite nonprofits over the three days of the conference, so meet us at Booth #409 in the Oregon Convention Center before the close of the event to initiate a donation.

But I just want to learn how to master complex workflows in Drupal

We’ve got you. Please join our Senior Drupal Architect Bob McDonald for his DrupalCon 2024 talk, Elevate Your Approval Processes: Mastering Complex Workflows, which he’ll deliver with his mentee, Xiaojung Deng.

In this talk geared toward developers and coders, you’ll learn how to create Drupal workflows that succeed at helping all parties understand the state of each approval, who needs to take action next, and what will happen after they click a button. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Interface options for different types of approvals
  • How business logic determines what the approval steps are, or who the approver should be
  • Tips for making sure users always know what is happening
  • Appropriate handling of notifications and reminders

Date: May 7, 2024
Time: 11:30am-12:20pm
Location: Oregon Convention Center, Room A106

Bob and Xiaojung have over a decade of combined experience with advanced workflows. Join them for practical tips and best practices. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your workflows!

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