Mike McCafrey


Senior Architect

The Internet of the future could be made of stardust or the usual cats, but either way it will work simply and powerfully because Mike will have made it. Whether he’s thinking strategically about business requirements, tracking and prioritizing user stories, solving complicated design problems, analyzing metrics or releasing new features, he finds the most straightforward and efficient means to pave our path into the 4th dimension.

Skills & experience

  • 14+ years of web development experience for institutions like the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institution Conservation and Research Center, Dwell Media, and Architecture for Humanity
  • Member of the project management committee for Backdrop CMS
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Bucknell University

Outside work

  • Photographs the many adorable canine and leporine inhabitants of his Portland home
  • Shares many thoughts and feelings on Twitter
  • Hosts many Kalamuna social gatherings
Mike McCafrey