Ken Lo


Operations Manager

Are you ready to party? Kalamuna's crafty office manager makes sure that life is as efficient and enjoyable as possible at KalaHQ. Thanks to Ken, nothing important ever falls through the plastered up cracks! When he isn't administrating everyone's socks off, Ken is spreading his love for art and humanity in the office and all around the Bay Area.

Skills & experience

  • 7+ years of experience keeping the Kalamuna team paid, fed, and otherwise supported
  • Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State and Master of Fine Arts from UC Berkeley
  • Understands the importance of always popping an umami booster or two into soups and stews

Outside work

  • Dreams like he’ll never wake, wakes like he never slept, and lives like he’ll never die
  • Does all of his screaming with his inside voice
  • Member of 100 Days Action, an artist collective responding to the 2016 election
Ken Lo