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Let’s make meaning for the people who mean the most.

A site that speaks to the right people in the right ways is on pace to meet goals.

Play with Strategy

The Research + Discovery Process

We’ll examine your organization’s audiences, competitive landscape, and current site in a discovery process which enables us to understand your challenge through the lenses of business objectives, content strategy, design, user experience, and technology.

Depending on your project, our discovery process might include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Site audit + analysis
  • Content strategy
  • User interviews
  • User Experience research
  • Persona development
  • Design direction

Let’s Dominate This Strategy!

We’re gonna give your Rock Star website an out-of-the-box strategy that will increase ROI and pwn any industry. Because that’s how we roll. Congratulations: you just found the biggest, baddest webshop on the west coast.

We’re talking mega focus groups of your target audience: human internet users available from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. on a workday. No unemployed college students looking for rent money in our research — no way.

Depending on your project, our other research might include:

  • Looking up your horoscope
  • Searching Google for things
  • Reading your organizational aura
  • Buying AdWords

We had a meeting.

We decided that we’re putting up a slideshow on the homepage for Jorge in Marketing.

Your “About” section will POP with that video from Jill in sales. She looks great.

Your CEOs blog will go in the left sidebar because he is left-handed.

We’ll do it by Monday.

Play with Strategy

Use the slider to play with different approaches to “strategy.” We prefer to stay “on point.”

We provided a content strategy for The Space Foundation that increases traffic and donations.

See how we did it

Let’s design sites people want to use.

A site that invites interaction invites more business.

Play with Design!

placeholder image

So let’s take strategy and give it beautiful, efficient form.

Depending on the specifics your project and brand the design process might involve any of the following:

  • Moodboarding
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design
  • UX design
  • Interaction design

Play with Design

Bland Exciting

Use the dial above to get involved with the design process. It’s always a collaboration.

We modernized design and decreased site maintenance time for

See the case study

Let’s develop advanced, versatile sites ready for growth.

A dynamic, change-friendly site means lower overall costs.

What We Make

We build sound, sustainable websites that flex as your organization’s needs change. You’ll be able to scale your site and integrate new technologies because we use leading edge tools and open source platforms.

Our Process

We work iteratively and transparently, using an agile project management philosophy. We invite clients to collaborate with us throughout a project; the result is cross-disciplinary magic. Your strong point of view on what success means will shape our project throughout feedback rounds.


Members at Kalamuna have been working with Drupal since its early days, and we’ve vastly extended the core project. We also foster the community by sponsoring and organizing conventions, camps, summits, user groups and more.

Easy-to-Use, Open Source Site Theme

Drupal’s presentation layer is defined in a “theme.” While most developers use others’ themes, we created our own: Kalatheme. It makes all our sites ready for mobile and tablet devices, and it empowers our clients with easy-to-use tools. We’re proud to have contributed an open source theme that developers around the world use for free.

Kalabox: A Simple Workflow for Development

We created an original interface to enable people of all skill levels to use advanced development tools. Kalabox brings together everything developers need to code, test, and go live with ease. Even more, it seamlessly integrates with Pantheon Systems and is slated to work with even more hosting providers.
Learn More 

We empowered Arizona State to create on-brand Drupal sites in hours, not weeks.

Find out how

Let’s take care of your business.

Gremlins drinking beer inside your website? Need help with updates and mission-critical enhancements? We help with both — and everything in between. Browse our support levels and see what works for you.

Stylized Illustration of a Medieval Sentry

Sentry Level

For occasional, non-immediate support tasks such as site maintenance, security updates, and code adjustments.

Stylized Illustration of a Medieval Custodian

Custodian Level

For consistent, ongoing support needs such as deep debugging, code improvements, and feature enhancements.

Stylized Illustration of a Medieval Steward

Steward Level

For an ongoing technical partnership to guide your website through new integrations, code refactoring, and feature development.

See what our support clients say about us:

“Kalamuna is a team of experienced and skilled developers. They expertly build the complex site enhancements that we need and are quick to respond to any issues that arise. I highly recommend them.”

Asif Habibullah
Director US East Coast Operations, CSi America

“We hired Kalamuna to provide support services for our Drupal site. Their knowledgeable team is quick, communicative, flexible, and always a pleasure to work with!”

Brie Mazurek
Online Education Manager, CUESA

“The agent assigned to Kettering University has become an integral member of the Kettering web team. He is in constant contact with the web strategist and all our support issues are responded to within 4 business hours of submission - including weekends! In addition, he has been able to mentor the web team on best practices in the drupal environment and provide training as needed for web functionality not directly related to development.”

Donna Wicks
Web Strategist, Kettering University

“Kalamuna's support program is great. Very easy to use and quick. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a response back any later than 15 minutes, and never had a resolution any later than 3-4 hours. I don’t think these guys sleep -- not very healthy for them I’m sure, but it’s been great for us!”

Montego Parker
Director of Information Technology, ICRW

“We work with Kalamuna to maintain and make changes to our website. Critical tickets are resolved quickly, even if early morning or on the weekend. They are very professional and their services are most appreciated.”

John Santoro
Web Manager, Unified Color

We will stand behind your site — good times or bad.

Get in touch.