Recapture the Lightning with Pantheon

By Andrew Ward,
Lightning in a bottle

As many in the Drupal-verse know, we love using Pantheon to build and run our clients' websites. We’ve built our internal workflow around it, systematizing the process of migrating sites into the Pantheon system and creating Kalabox to allow developers to quickly download Pantheon-hosted sites onto their local work environments.

By centralizing our hosting and website management in one place, we’re able to further specialize in our internet-making abilities. In this way, our business has been accelerated because we are more efficient and can handle bigger projects.


Several years ago, Pantheon released their website management platform to Drupalistas for free. It delivered Drupal (and now Wordpress!) as a service and gave professionals a suite of best practice tools like separate test environments, Git version control, and blazing-fast performance courtesy of Varnish caching.

I know that I would have been buried and ruined under the weight of a seemingly un-launchable Frankensite had it not been for the steady pillars of Pantheon. After helping extricate us from many moons of hardship battling outdated SVN version control, they made it easy for my team to build and launch the website.


So on a personal level, I’m excited to share with you the news that Pantheon is announcing today the largest release of free features since their launch with Pantheon for Agencies. If you are an agency like us, you can (and should) sign up here to unlock a suite of free tools:

Organizational Dashboard
A master view of all your Drupal and WordPress websites, living together in utopian harmony.

Multidev for ALL Sites
Independent environments for every separate feature under development or each individual developer. It was available by-request for agencies previously, but now it’s enabled by default, even on Sandbox-level sites.

Change Management
Not everyone needs to deploy to the live site. Now you can make sure that the “red-button” is in safe hands.

Label sites to help you manage them. For example, we tag sites in our support program as “Kalacare” so we can quickly assign our support staff to the projects in-bulk.


We’ve been using these Pantheon tools now for some time now with a lot of success. Since we enjoy having spirited chats over drinks with our colleagues and competition, it’s news we’re more than happy to spread to the community.

Do yourself a favor and sign up today.

Andrew Ward


Andrew's introduction to Drupal came through his activist work in the Beltway, and he's been delivering amazing websites to clients ever since. Fueled by raw milk and unprocessed foods, Andrew is driven to liberate you from rotten correspondence. He applies his Belichick-like attention to detail to each project to ensure success and happiness.