Learn How to Theme Drupal on a Budget with Developer Katy Pool

By Katy Pool,
Katy Pool

Nonprofits around the world use Drupal to create sites because it provides a low-cost, flexible and scalable platform for any kind of organization. It offers thousands of modules and contributions from its community to tailor sites to fit their unique needs. So how do you use Drupal to fit your particular project? Learn about developer Katy Pool’s session at the Nonprofit Technology Conference Drupal Day in San Jose, March 22.

What to Expect at Drupal Day

This is a full-day event geared toward folks who either using or are considering using the Drupal content management system. Drupal Day is a great fit for web content managers, professional service providers specializing in the nonprofit sector, in-house non profit software developers, and staff responsible for managing online programs and applications. Drupal provides a big tent, so the event will provide quality sessions for just about anybody who uses (or might use) Drupal on a regular basis.

Drupal Theming on a Nonprofit Budget

We all want a beautiful site, but a lengthy design phase with a huge budget isn’t always feasible. But building an attractive, responsive site doesn’t have to break your budget. Kalamuna developer Katy Pool will hold a session at Drupal Day to speak on and facilitate discussions about how developers and content managers can leverage component libraries, Drupal modules, and other open-source tools to create clean, customizable themes that reflect the look and feel of your organization. Along the way she’ll review some case studies that show how these tools can help you hit the ground running and avoid expensive overhead, whether you need to refresh your homepage or retheme a whole site.

About Katy Pool

With her quick wit and fortitude, Katy swiftly evolved from intern to jr. developer at Kalamuna. She is crucial to many of our support and development projects and handles both backend and frontend work for sites in Drupal 6, Drupal 7, and Wordpress. In her downtime, she enjoys browsing local bookstores, writing fiction, and playing board games.

Get Updates

Attend Drupal Day and meet Katy Pool on March 22 at 3:00 p.m. The event will take place inside the San Jose Convention Center, room 210E. See more event details here. And if you’ve got any questions for Katy before the session, ping her at @KatyPool.


Katy Pool

Junior Developer

It's a great thing to watch Katy Pool configure Drupal to her will. As Kalamuna's friendly, in-house site builder, Katy is quickly learning how to make internet the Kalaway! When Katy isn't putting together new websites, she's reading the coolest books, collecting provinces in her Dominion, and flailing about at dance parties to which you are not invited.