Kalamuna @ SAC Drupal

By Andrew Ward,
Mike and Alec

This weekend Kalamuna drove up to UC Davis for Drupal Camp Sacramento to take part in the Drupal community.  We ran into some old friends and made new ones, and had the opportunity to sit in on presentations from knowledgeable developers about what's new and improved, and tactics for making the development process more efficient.  The most fascinating session for us was Jen Lampton and Nathan Haug's presentation on a new theme layer for Drupal 8, which will simplify theming in Drupal.  The whole event was a testament to the organizational capabilities and passion of California Drupalistas!

While at the camp, we gave a presentation on using Twitter Bootstrap in Drupal theming.  We summarized the basic components of Twitter Bootstrap, explained the different existing methods for integrating Bootstrap with Drupal, and introduced our combination of Panopoly with Bootstrap, which we loving call Funopoly.

There's much more to come, but for now you can download the PowerPoint slides from our presentation here.

Thanks again to Drupal Camp Sacramento for putting on the event!

Andrew Ward


Andrew's introduction to Drupal came through his activist work in the Beltway, and he's been delivering amazing websites to clients ever since. Fueled by raw milk and unprocessed foods, Andrew is driven to liberate you from rotten correspondence. He applies his Belichick-like attention to detail to each project to ensure success and happiness.