Drupal Camp Asheville: Drupal, but Different

By Justin Rhodes,
Drupal Camp Asheville

I'm looking forward to attending Asheville Drupal Camp this August 12th-13th at Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College in North Carolina. If you haven’t visited Asheville before, you can expect a town that feels small but that still offers exciting food, drink, and tourist destinations.

The Southeast community of Drupalers is ripe with meetups, events, and summits. If you were to map the Drupal events happening in the US, there would be a dense patch situated on the East Coast, but a fairly large representation of camps in the Southeast. With awesome communities in close geographic relation to Asheville like Chattanooga’s Drupal Camp, Charlotte’s Drupal Drive-in, Atlanta’s Drupal Camp and the South Carolina Drupal Users, Drupal Camp Asheville is supported by an incredibly rich infrastructure of mentors and contributors. I encourage newcomers to visit the camp to hang out with these folks and learn from them.

The city of Asheville is host to more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the United States and has been voted “Beer City, USA” almost every year since 2009. The community embraces nightlife and restaurants but does it in a very slow southern way. There aren’t many places with club lights and pulsing music; you’re more likely to find a porch with rocking chairs.

While this may not be the largest camp that you attend, you will have access to a wonderful representation of Drupal experts and enthusiasts as well as a tourist-oriented small town with plenty of extracurricular activities with a relaxed feel. I encourage you to visit our page at https://www.drupalasheville.com/ and register for our camp (cost $25).  We also have trainings happening on Friday for an additional $25. This camp will be a wonderful chance to dive into a warm and welcoming Drupal community while exploring a Southeastern gem of a city!


Justin Rhodes

Project Manager

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