Design-Driven Drupal with Paragraphs, Bricks, and Other Metaphors

By Hawkeye Tenderwolf,
Image of different colored bricks.

The days of slapping a design on a website after you've built it are gone. Component-based architectures and atomic design principles are the future, but how can we use them in Drupal? This past November (2017) I gave a talk at DrupalCamp Atlanta in which I offer my answers to this question. Keep reading to get my overview and watch the video of my presentation.

Front end prototyping tools like Kalastatic or Pattern Lab are great for front-end developers, but how do we pull these components into the Drupal site-building space? Easy! With a lot of help from Paragraphs, Bricks, and a little bit of special sauce called Kalagraphs. With this small handful of modules, you can save time, overhead and database tables by utilizing a single Paragraph type for all your components.


Check out the video above to see my new approach to building component-based sites that keeps the front-enders in the markup, the back-enders in the logic, and the themers nowhere to be seen.


Derek "Hawkeye Tenderwolf" DeRaps

Senior Architect

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