Seeking Internet Sand Castle Builders.

Generous benefits included.

The internet: a force for good.

To keep it that way, we’re hiring. We’re looking for people who embrace curiosity, play and provocation to solve problems. It’s this restless mindset that gets anything worth doing done. We have it and our clients have it. If you have it — whether you work locally or remotely — let’s play. Check out our open positions and get in touch.

Some Goodies:

  • Medical, education and technology benefits
  • 2 blocks from BART
  • Remote-friendly within 3hrs PST
  • Friday lunches
  • Games Nights + other nerd activities
  • Conference travel to Drupalcon + BADCamp

Open Positions

Project Manager

Come harness the universe’s chi flow to push projects from start to finish.

What You'll Do

You’ll push projects from initial discovery to UX design to implementation, harnessing the universe’s chi flow to meet goals and deliver deliverables, on schedule, in scope, and on budget. You will analyze things, report things, and refine the flows of things. You’ll act as liaison between an account manager, a content strategist, UX designers, a UX engineer, a solutions architect, developers, QA, and site builders.


  • Understanding of content strategy, UX and development roles + relationships
  • Proficiency with JIRA + comfort with its reporting capabilities
  • Experience working with front-end and back-end devs, designers, clients
  • Zeal for prioritizing and executing multiple, simultaneous tasks
  • Comfort with agile processes, including SCRUM, team-powered estimation, stand-ups
  • Exceptional people skills
  • Demonstrable experience writing issues
  • Ability to recognize changes in scope and act accordingly
  • Thorough attention to detail in providing QA support

You Might Also Know About

  • Workflow imagineering
  • A bit about higher education and/or nonprofits

Drupal Developer

Expand knowledge, drop knowledge, build the Internet.

What You'll Do

You’ll be working on a mix of interesting projects for worthy organizations, and be counted upon to solve problems in code, and work in a team context using agile methodologies.


  • Excellent communication skills. Not only do we like talking, you’ll also be (shock!) speaking with our wonderful clients.
  • Mastery of web fundamentals. You must know how to bend the internet to your will using our basic tech (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, git, nginx). Please give us work samples (projects, code, URLs) so we can admire your masterpieces.
  • Deep expertise with the Drupal API and module development. You don’t need to memorize the Forms API, but knowing the structure of Drupal code, being able to use these conventions to create code other Drupal developers can use, and having the contextual knowledge to jump into (reasonably) well-structured Drupal projects is essential.
  • Familiarity with Drupal sitebuilding and its power. We need folks who know when to site build, and when to get deep into the code (again, please provide samples).

You Might Also Know About

  • Translating functional requirements into technical architecture.
  • Implementing solutions within deadlines mutually agreed upon with your project manager.
  • Communicating with your project manager to find the most effective solution to a problem.
  • Showing teammates how to use your favorite technologies.

Who's Kalamuna?

We are an Oakland based agency that makes the Internet for rabble-rousing organizations driven to tinker, critique, and change the way things are. Kalamuna specializes in strategy, design, strategy, development and support.

Non-descrimination statement

Kalamuna is committed to eradicating institutional discrimination and bias, and to uplifting the lived experiences of all minorities.

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