Kalamuna BADcamp 2016 Session Videos

Andrew Ward
| November 4, 2016
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This year we were happy to have six team members offering sessions at the Bay Area Drupal Camp in Berkeley, California. From topics ranging from the business of running an agency to actually making the Internet, we had a ton to share. Click to see videos of all of our sessions.

How To Grow Support To Become A Cornerstone Of Your Business

Katy Pool, Jr. Developer + John Ouellet, Sr. Developer and Support Manager

As a web agency, how can you offer support to clients so they benefit and you make a profit? Here, John and Katy go over many methods that have worked for us. They also talk about the tactics we’ve tried and failed at in the past four years of our Kalacare program. Topics include, but are not limited to: finding support clients, structuring your support program, tools, selling packages, and more.



Agile Applied to Life

Justin Rhodes, Project Manager

Using real world, daily-life situations to explain Agile principles, Justin demonstrates how an Agile mindset can help you optimize your daily routine. Understanding the theory of Agile methodology is the first step, but taking a dive into applying the theory is difficult. Justin will help you connect the knowledge and practice of Agile, and also share how Agile practices in your personal adventures and relationships can benefit you.

Andrew Ward, Co-Founder

This session aims helps agency managers bridge the gap between the sales process and a project kick-off. The main tool for doing this is a “project brief” which helps keep stakeholders, project owners, project managers and agency staff on the same page by outlining primary objectives, team roles, resources, milestones, etc. Much of the project brief can be informed by the sales process, which is not only helpful to the discovery/implementation team, but to the client to clarify their own needs and goals.

Rob Loach, Sr. Developer + Thiago de Mello Bueno, Designer

A static prototype, along with a styleguide, puts your ideas into the hands of your clients, users, and developers sooner, providing more time for iteration—ultimately resulting in a better product. This session focuses on Kalamuna’s approach to prototyping and in-browser, component-driven design practices, and the benefits and experience thereof. You will learn how Kalastatic connects the bridge between prototype and implementation through its orchestration across various components.
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Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward


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