Kalamuna 2019 in review

by | January 24, 2020
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Despite the political theatre and resulting uncertainty 2019 has brought us, I am overcome with gratitude for the relationships fostered by Kalamuna’s existence, and proud of the impact we have made together.

First and foremost, I am grateful for our clients, whose missions we make ours, and whose impact we seek to amplify. Be it improving the quality of education, serving vital health interests, or ensuring corporations and governments champion environmental sustainability, we are so very proud of their work, and honored to contribute to their success. We are happy to have begun service this year to the following noteworthy organizations, and look forward to continued growth together in the years to come: the American Foundation for the Blind, Grand Rapids Community College, Gateway Public Schools,  the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society,  the Center for Social Innovation, the Special Olympics of Northern California, the Digital Defence Fund, and Bay Area FasTrak.

Second, I am honored to work with as talented and diverse group of people as I could ever imagine. They care as much about doing good work as they do about their work doing good. 
In 2020, Kalamuna’s team growth continues beyond our Oakland roots, as we establish an official Canadian entity in Toronto and invest more in R&D. Providing more benefits to our Canadian team members is overdue, and, as a citizen of both countries, l am looking forward to championing meaningful change in both my homes. Change is good, eh?

Third, I am thankful our team’s accomplishments in 2019 have had such a reverberating impact in the virtual and real world both. We launched new sites for Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, the San Francisco Zen Center, and the American Foundation for the Blind. Activating our community at DrupalCon we raised awareness and funds to plant trees in areas devastated by California wildfires. At BADCamp, we put our support behind NGOs that support children in crisis at the US-Mexico border. Behind the podium and across the internet, we shared insights about mastering Google Analytics and translating Drupal into English. And, all along the way, we continued to build increased empathy in our UX practice and put accessibility first.

Despite by some standards the many grim realities we witnessed 2019, we were inspired by the #MeToo movement’s legal victories, an upswing in youth climate activism, and medical advances to fight AIDS, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. We will always choose optimism. More importantly, we choose action. Join us in 2020, as we work to transform our institutions to better serve the needs of the people today and our ambitions for a brighter future tomorrow.

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Love and solidarity, 


Andrew Mallis
CEO @ Kalamuna

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Andrew Mallis

Andrew Mallis

CEO and Co-Founder

If you’ve encountered Kalamuna, you’ve likely experienced genuine care and expert guidance that starts with our thoughtful CEO and cofounder, Andrew. Along with an infinite stockpile of dad jokes, he brings his background in visual arts and activism to his work – leading us to drive great missions further.

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