How to Use Unito to Unify JIRA, Asana, Trello and More!

by | March 7, 2019
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As a project manager, I know that people are going to be happiest and get the most work done when they are using systems that they are comfortable and familiar with. Thanks to a syncing technology, called Unito, our teams are able to enhance collaboration, gain efficiencies, and stay aligned.

Here at Kalamuna, we use JIRA - a whole lot. We use it for tracking every single task that needs to get done in a project. We use it to manage shifting and changing priorities, to communicate on specific issues, and for tracking every minute of time spent by each contributor on each project. However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable using JIRA, nor do they want to eat, sleep, and breathe within the JIRA-verse. Thus began our search for solutions that would ensure both our internal teams and our clients teams were aligned and working towards the same goals. 

Because moving away from JIRA was simply not an option for Kalamuna we sought out other tools that would allow us to integrate and sync with JIRA. Our journey led us to Unito. Kalamuna has now been using Unito successfully and impactfully for the past six months in multiple projects. 

Unito syncs one system with another. For several projects we have synced JIRA with Trello and JIRA with Asana, using Unito as the liaison. This allows both Kalamuna team members and our client’s team members to continue working in a way that each are well versed and comfortable in. All team members are able to communicate, get a sense of status, and review project progress within the platform their team uses. Incredible efficiency is found as our team continues working in JIRA, without the distraction of constantly switching platforms and disruption of time tracking. 

When setting up or modifying syncs in Unito, there are great ways to enhance the connection between platforms and data points. Unito allows for: multi-syncs to several platforms at once filtering to only sync the relevant information, and field mapping to ensure all the information is getting properly organized in each platform. 

Currently the platforms that can be synced using Unito are: Asana, Trello, GitHub, Wrike, Jira, GitLab, Bitbucket, Planner and Basecamp. The Unito team continues to work hard at expanding their integrations.

Using Unito is just one way we keep our teams connected and aligned, while reducing time spent on administrative overhead. Check them out if you’re looking to do the same - may your project management and tool syncs be fruitful!

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Kristin Sartain

Kristin Sartain

Director of Projects

Along with leading our team of account and project managers, Kristin manages select projects herself. She brings her whole self to her role, including significant experience working with universities, nonprofits, and community organizations. After she takes her trusty headset off for the day, she may be found wrangling her beloved pets and husband while sipping on gin & tonics with extra limes.

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