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Let's Introduce Ourselves

We make the Internet for rabble-rousing organizations driven to tinker, critique, and change things for the better. We specialize in design, strategy, user experience, and development.

A Few Things We Make Sure to Do.

Before we were “Kalamuna,” we each had a hand in causes that meant something to us. Our histories have included work with events, campaigns and art organizations. Now, as Kalamuna, we use communications technology to continue working with mission-driven and other like-minded organizations. Below are a few principles that we’ve got hanging in the office.

Give a damn.

We aspire to make positive change. We work with people who share this aspiration so everyone’s fired up to make great work.

Make new things.

Practicing our disciplines in the established ways gives us structure. But offering our clients the best work means evolving these disciplines.

Value message over medium.

We master technology in the service of ideas. The result: our clients’ messages stand out to the right people in the right ways.

Our Team

Kalamuna is a collaborative group of thinkers: artists, mathematicians, technologists, punsters and history buffs who were just as likely to major in the humanities as in computer science. While we’ve got serious tech chops, our perspectives make us less concerned with technology for its own sake and more concerned with how to strategically and creatively use it to make an Internet that improves people’s lives.

Our Clients


Fair Trade USA

San Francisco Human Services Agency



UC Berkeley






Future City


Social Coding 4 Good




Let's work together.

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